• Future Business Forum 2020 themes

    The future of work is here.

    In the digitised world of business, with increased globalisation and accelerated speed to market, the time to reimagine how we work is now.


    Embracing agility and new styles of leadership are necessary to maintain a competitive advantage in this evolving world - but simply adapting is not enough. Through an innovative mindset, human leadership and compassionate company culture, organisations have the opportunity to engage and thrive in the marketplace of the future.


    Future Business Forum will explore three key themes:

    Innovation | Culture | Leadership


    Innovation is the cornerstone for growth. While it's clear that change is vital to stand out from the crowd and create customer value, for established corporations bureaucracy, time commitment and structural differences can hold up the initiation of new ideas.


    But emerging companies welcome risk, real-time feedback and agility with open arms. As businesses across the world compete in the search for intelligent solutions to tackle global challenges, those that embrace an iterative and adaptive approach will move faster, breed and nurture talent and grow their bottom line.


    With the array of tools on offer in today's workplace, radical innovation is extraordinarily accessible - as long as you know how to cultivate it. How can your organisation harness your employees' creative energy? What would you change in your company if there were no limitations? And how can you make sure you’re one step ahead of your competitors?


    The workforce is in flux: generations are shifting, bringing to light differences in communication, leadership expectations and working styles. At the same time, employees are pushing back and breaking free from rigid, traditional structures, seeking out new organisations that fit best with their world views and lifestyles.


    Cultivating a healthy and empowering culture is essential to a company’s success, multiplying growth and enhancing resilience in crisis. By embracing transparency, building human connections and engendering trust, businesses will be sought out by talented individuals committed to their purpose - and won't want to leave.


    While a great culture is a company's secret weapon, knowing how to embed and foster that culture is easier said than done. How will you keep up with the shift? What are the secrets that set the best apart from the rest? And how can you make sure you're competing for talent alongside the most exciting companies in the world?


    We are experiencing the fastest rate of change humanity has ever seen. Technology continues to grow at a breathtaking pace, the world is more connected than ever before, morality has taken hold of the business landscape - and the leaders of tomorrow must quickly adapt to this new world.


    While leaders will always set the vision and direction for their teams, we need a new type of leader equipped for the unique challenges this future will bring. Now is the time to nurture people who are willing to seek feedback, admit mistakes and empower others with skills that they need.


    Leaders who lean in, embrace change and empower teams will guide us through the next decade and beyond. So how will you identify and train these future leaders in your business? What challenges will they face? And how do we prepare existing leaders for this future?

  • Hear from innovators, disruptors and agile leaders revolutionising business all over the world.

    Future Business Forum celebrates the individuals and companies creating the business landscape of tomorrow. As a knowledge exchange, the forum is a space for immersive discussions, interactive debates and inspiring insights. Our speakers represent a diversity of experiences and backgrounds, each encouraged to share their honest stories and perspectives.

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