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    Are you future-proof?

  • 2019 Theme: The Future of Work

    Are you future-proof?

    Millennials and Generation Z are changing the face of business. From staff acquisition and retention to impactful innovation and the conscious consumer, it is more important than ever to adapt your working patterns for the future.


    Through a series of highly-interactive talks, panel discussions and innovation showcases, the forum will be an energetic, lively and practical knowledge exchange.


    Future Business Forum will explore three key areas:

    Agility | Culture | Cooperation


    Is your team working to its strengths and producing the best outputs it can?


    With changing technologies, new working mindsets and mixed generations of talent bringing differing views on strategy and operations, it’s important to harness the potential and expertise in your team. Future Business Forum will explore agile working processes, intrapreneurship and governance structures.

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    Exhibitor at FutureX event


    As priorities shift and having multiple careers over a lifetime very much becomes the norm, having a positive, adaptable culture is paramount to attracting and retaining the best talent.


    Many people now look beyond what they do and place a primary focus on why they do it. The emergence of flexible working, the re-imagination of office layouts, and the demand for focus on social and environmental responsibility has changed the world of work, and there are more changes ahead.


    In every industry there exists unique opportunities for corporations and startups to collaborate and cooperate, working to each other’s strengths and sharing knowledge.


    Many of the problems we face as a society call for businesses from all sectors to come together and utilise resources in the best way. Future Business Forum introduces practical ways that corporates and startups can work together and invites a selection of the most innovative startups to showcase their work.

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  • ​In tomorrow’s world, businesses will be expected to deliver more of what customers want, faster.

    Future Business Forum is a live platform bringing together a carefully curated group of startup leaders and corporate innovators and intrapreneurs. Through a series of specialist talks, panel discussions and expert insights, this event is unlocking a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange and mutual learning.

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