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    Learn about the future of work and best practices in innovation, culture and leadership.

    Before you can become a high-performing organisation, you must become a rapid learning organisation.


    Leadership, Culture

  • Diversity in supply chain management: inclusion as the competitive advantage

    Deloitte Insights

    Future of Work, Leadership, Culture

    Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO)

    Leadership, Culture

    5 Important Ways Jobs Will Change In The 4th Industrial Revolution

    Bernard Marr

    Future of Work

    Can established businesses mimic startup style?

    Saurav Gupta, Sales Engineer at InterSystems


    Future Squared: Helping You Navigate a Brave New World

    Steve Glaveski, CEO and Co-founder, Collective Campus

    Innovation, Leadership, Culture

    The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups

    Daniel Coyle



    HBR IdeaCast


    Harvard Business Review

    Innovation, Leadership

    Why good leaders make you feel safe

    Simon Sinek

    Leadership, Culture

    What is the future of work?


    OECD - Better policies for better lives

    Future of Work

    The future of work is now

    OECD - Better policies for better lives

    Future of Work

    Gaining a competitive edge

    Cris Beswick


  • Future Business Forum 2020 themes

    The future of work is here

    In the digitised world of business, with increased globalisation and accelerated speed to market, the time to reimagine how we work is now.

    Embracing agility and new styles of leadership are necessary to maintain a competitive advantage in this evolving world - but simply adapting is not enough. Through an innovative mindset, human leadership and compassionate company culture, organisations have the opportunity to engage and thrive in the marketplace of the future.


    Future Business Forum will explore three key themes:

    Innovation | Culture | Leadership

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    Companies that embrace an iterative and adaptive approach will move faster, breed and nurture talent and grow their bottom line.

    Exhibitor at FutureX event


    By embracing transparency, building human connection and engendering trust, businesses will be sought out by talented individuals who will drive value creation and won't want to leave.

    Two men working together on a laptop


    It’s time to nurture leaders willing to seek feedback, admit mistakes and empower others.

  • We offer a variety of partnership opportunities to forward-thinking brands.

    Partnering with Future Business Forum offers brand alignment, connection opportunities and the chance for you to showcase your organisation as a global innovation leader.

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