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5 Reasons to come to FBF

An innovation-focused event in Edinburgh for large businesses who want to prepare for what’s coming next

· FBF19

This year will be the first annual Future Business Forum, an innovation-focused event in Edinburgh for large businesses who want to prepare for what’s coming next. The forum will delve into the Future of Work, offering content through a curated selection of expert talks, showcases and networking opportunities.

Wondering whether this is the right event for you? Here are 5 reasons to come to Future Business Forum on September 17th 2019.

1. Understand where your business fits into the future

Over the last few decades, a number of startups have catapulted to unprecedented global success, disrupting almost every sector and changing the world as we know it. The message was clear: learn to innovate or get left behind. Why not read this article about 50 companies that failed to innovate?

Future Business Forum will explore the future of business and work, addressing changing trends, new technologies and corporate agility.

2. Hear from pioneers in innovation and corporate leadership

Future Business Forum welcomes expert speakers to give deep insight into the landscape of corporate innovation.

Among this year’s speakers is Gib Bulloch, who spent 25 years working for large businesses including BP, Mars and Accenture. He set up the award-winning Accenture Development Partnerships, a corporate social enterprise that provided development sector organisations access to Accenture’s top people, knowledge and assets on a not-for-profit basis, and which delivered a quarter of a billion dollars worth of services across 70 countries in its first decade.

Make sure to check back to the website and follow our social media for more speaker announcements. We're on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

3. Connect with an engaged community of leaders

Rarely will you find 200 leaders, representing a variety of departments, congregated in one space, sharing knowledge and looking to the future through a lens of transformation.

There are numerous opportunities to network throughout the day. Following the main content of the day, Future Business Forum will host a drinks reception in the Museum. We give you an informal setting to continue conversations and make plans for the year ahead.

4. Build collaborative relationships

Across every sector, innovative startups are shaking things up and changing the game. This has made way for a unique opportunity between legacy corporates and fast-moving startups. Businesses of the future will thrive on synergy, agile processes and an ability to work as part of a wider network.

Future Business Forum will showcase a curated selection of startups and welcome the founders of some of the fastest-growing businesses around, unlocking the potential for long-term collaborations.

5. Align your full team to your future goals

Spend time with your colleagues in a unique setting that invites creative thinking and supports internal relationship building. Future Business Forum is a unique space that facilitates conversation and connects every department of your business.

By committing the attention of your team, your business will gain a cohesive understanding of the future strategy and be able to efficiently implement new processes when they return to the office.

Bring your team and save money with group discounts!

Interested in partnering with Future Business Forum?

We offer brand alignment, connection opportunities and the chance for organisations to showcase their work as a global leader in innovation.

Find out more about what opportunities are available and get in touch here.

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