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  • It's time to embrace change

    Not long ago, Amazon almost single-handedly wiped out bookshops and changed shopping as we know it. Now, with the emergence of fast-moving, problem-solving startups, businesses everywhere are at risk of getting left behind.


    However, we believe large businesses have huge potential to support the economy, the environment and communities. By engaging meaningfully with new methodologies and collaborations, corporates can play a key role in reshaping what business looks like in the future. Large businesses have a valuable set of resources and legacy that, with the right network and focus, can be key contributions to a thriving business landscape.

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  • National Museum Scotland

    A unique online event, available wherever you are.

    Future Business Forum is an innovation-focused conference for corporate leaders, digital managers, intrapreneurs and startup founders.


    The forum will facilitate a knowledge exchange that supports strong links between corporate attendees, startup leaders and innovation experts. Tune into specialist talks and topical discussions, no matter where you're based in the world! Delegates have the opportunity to network virtually and build new relationships with members of the global ecosystem.

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