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    17th September 2019 | National Museum of Scotland | Edinburgh

  • Corporate innovation is key to the future of business.

    Larger organisations face a unique set of challenges in today’s business climate, including talent retention, slow-moving practices and bureaucratic processes.


    Future Business Forum invites leaders from large businesses and corporations to learn from, and connect with, the leading corporate innovators and agile startup founders that are revolutionising businesses everywhere.


    Join us to ensure you’re using your skills and resources in the most impactful way.

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  • Darina Garland (Ooni) and Andrew Dobbie (MadeBrave)

    To compete and grow in a changing economic and societal landscape, large organisations need to invest in people, technology and agile methods.

    Future Business Forum explores how established business can leverage the latest technologies and processes to transform their business and become sustainable in the new landscape. This forum is also a space to explore how the existing strengths of large businesses can be harnessed and utilised in new ways.

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  • 2019 Theme: The Future of Work

    Are you Futureproof?

    Millennials and Generation Z are changing the face of business. From staff acquisition and retention to impactful innovation and the conscious consumer, it is more important than ever to adapt your working patterns for the future.


    Through a series of highly-interactive talks, panel discussions and innovation showcases, the forum will be an energetic, lively and practical knowledge exchange.

    Future Business Forum will explore three key areas:

    Agility | Culture | Cooperation

    Man writing on a board


    How to harness the human potential and expertise in your team

    Exhibitor at FutureX event


    How to create the culture needed to attract and retain the best talent

    Two men working together on a laptop


    How corporations and startups are collaborating for success

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    National Museum of Scotland

    Chambers St, Edinburgh EH1 1JF

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